Thursday, August 20, 2009

I've been so busy in my garden that I have hardly had time to create anything except food!  We've canned Blueberry jam, Apricot jam, Sweet Cherry Jam, and Raspberry Jam.  Now tomatoes are coming on and we are going to start salsa!  Every year I plant a 1/5 acre garden, this year we have 3 tee-pees of pole beans, 90 feet of potatoes, 90 feet of corn, 48 tomatoes, 360 onions, 75 peppers (10 different varieties), 8 okra, (I'm the only one who likes them), pumpkins, butternut squash, saffron squash, Armenian cucumbers, pickling cucumbers (already have put up dill and kosher dill pickles), and watermelon.  Don't worry there is just my husband and I at home with a 26 year old son (who is rarely here) so what army are we feeding?  Good question.  I keep telling my husband that it is good exercise, somehow I don't think he agrees.  I work full time and he works part time, so we manage to stay extra busy in the "good old summertime"!!  Gardening... you gotta love it!  Here are a few photos of our canned goods.

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  1. You are also feeding your children who love to come and steal canned goods over the Holidays (HINT)!