Saturday, September 13, 2014


Thought I would throw on a few of the photos I snapped at our previous
artist "photo inspiration" session. Our fearless leader Jen with her cute Mally!
PS - don't judge - I had my husbands camera and was really struggling with it!

Here we were trying to learn to stop action - caught Rachel and Katelyn in mid-air.
Just hangin out!

Trying to get the hang of using the fill flash in dappled shade! I obviously 
still have to work on this one, but the fun and spunky Becky was a great model!

Lindsie and Erin - total cheeseballs! No way to get these two serious together!
Cute cute girls! Again trying to fill flash in deep dappled shade.

This is my first attempt at using my camera on manual setting. Totally out of focus!
However I am not giving up (especially since I was using my husbands camera which I am not as familiar with). I just think I need to practice, practice, practice! Included this photo here because it was the only one I had of all these girls - love them to pieces!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer Reunion at Disneyland

I am not so great at posting on this blog except when I've been with family for a get together. This summer my entire family met at disneyland for a family vacation. Although is was hot and hectic we had a great time. Here we have from left to right -Rachel (Matt's wife) Duane, Tara holding Anna, Madison in front of Tara, Tara's husband Dan, Tessa in front of Dan, Matt holding Shaya, Brenna under Matt's arm, Kyle, Kevin, Mara in front of Kevin, Anjuli and me.
The kids had such a great time and there was no doubt that the Disney characters were 
some of their favorites. Mara and Maddie pose with Mickey. 

Five of my six grandaughters with Mulan - Mara, Maddie Brenna Tessa, and Shaya. 

 The little girls loved "Tink"  Posing - Brenna, Tink, Maddie, Shaya.
Trading pins was a "big deal" the object being to get the most unique and greatest variety. 
Tessa shows off a few of her favorite pins. Awesome!

Mara shows off her pin band to Maddie and endoctrinates her on how to get in the 
action for the first time with a new "pin band".

It's fun to be with Anjuli who we don't see as often as we would like. 
Here she poses with Tara for a fun "sisters" pic.

Our sweet little Anna (Tara's baby) was pretty blase about most of Disneyland
she played alot with Grandma and Papa while her Mom and Dad hit the rides with Madison.

Our second day at the park Tara "fake dyed" the girls hair in pink streaks. They
loved it and thought it was all great fun. Here are my "punk" grandaughters.

My faves were the world of color... 

 The cars ride....

and snapping photos of the grandkids when they didn't know...

Above 1. Anna just takes it all in, 2. Maddie stops for a quiet drink, and 
3. Brenna chills at the water pad to beat the heat.
We loved our week together and were sad wave goodbye to one another. The colors and sounds of Disneyland are always bright and cheerful we hated to see it come to and end.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

American Girls

Each year my granddaughters look forward to our annual American Girl Doll Party held a day or two after Christmas. This year our theme was "Let it Snow"(very appropriate this year). The girls get dressed up and walk in single file on a "runway" with their dolls, who are dressed in old clothes. At the table is a special gift for each girl...
new doll clothes that I've made for them.
They can hardly wait to open them to see what this years outfit will be. They immediately dress their dolls and request photos be taken (before anything gets dirty!) 
Mara and Julie
 Tessa and Rebecca
Maddie and Lanie
Brenna and Kit                          
Shaya and her dolly - she will get a real American Girl next year when she is five.
This year in honor of our theme the girls made snowman pizzas.They rolled out their own dough and topped it with their favorite ingredients. They loved it.
One for them and one for their dolls.
The finished snowmen are a little tough from overworked dough, but each girl thought it was perfect!
 I don't know who has more fun at this party - me or my granddaughters. This year each doll got a pair of "Uggs", leggins, a hoodie, and a cute shirt that matched each girls. Then we made snowflake necklaces for each girl and a miniature version for each doll. They were adorable.  Julie, below, shows off her new clothes.  

Soldier Hollow

New Years Eve day found my family all on the slopes of SoHo (Soldiers Hollow) for 2 hours of fun on the tubing runs. It was hands down the best tubing we've had this year! So AWESOME! This pix is the view of the lodge as I was going up the rope tow and although it 
looks warm and sunny it was 2° and fridgid.
Shaya, my 4 yr old granddaughter, cried all the way up the hill and could only be talked  into make the run once!
Despite the cold weather we were all dressed warm and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Parents often doubled with the kids to add "weight" to get the tubes running faster.
Matt and Shaya
Tessa and Tara
Dan and Maddie
We will definately make this a yearly trip as everyone had a good time even grandpa, who sat in the lodge with baby Annalise and Shaya.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

One Amazing Christmas

My grandaughters love our annual snowman contest. Every year at Christmastime (providing there is enough snow) we get all the kids together for a snowman building contest. It is serious business. Here are Maddie, Mara, and Tessa in the backyard preparing for a snowy contest! We had two winners this year.  Cute snowman (above) won most adorable. His eyes were cherry tomatoes, he had a carrot nose and chocolate chip mouth.  The headless snowman below - won most creative.

The blood was actually strawberry koolaid and the arms were re-inforced with wood. Pretty ingenious even it it was rather gruesome.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Disneyland Mini Album

A few years ago I made this mini album at work (CTMH). It was a great project for me because I was able to use photos of my own family. Since this week is Thanksgiving I've been thinking alot of things I'm grateful for. My husband, children, and grandchildren are right at the top of that list. This mini captured the fun and love that we have together as a family. 
Six of my grandchildren (see the seventh below in previous post), my pride and joy.
My grandaughters couldn't wait to see the princesses so we went to Ariels Grotto for breakfast and they had a chance to see them up close and personal. 
Loved those Cricut cut doilies from the CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge, and when you flipped the acrylic page over there was a completly different page hiding behind.
My oldest son is a great fan of "Nightmare Before Christmas" so a picture with Jack was mandatory. Filmstrips are a great way to get more photos on the page.
These cute stamp sets helped capture the magic and the fun we were having. Inserting a smaller page between larger ones added lots of interest to the overall album.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving - what I'm grateful for...

This is our newest granddaughter little Annabug (Annalise). She will be four months old on the 11th of December. What a cutie pie she is. We are so very grateful that she has come to our family. Grandchildren are such a blessing, I now have 7 and I love each one of them very much.