Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Is anything quite like Disneyland - nope! All decked out for Halloween it was absolutely gorgeous. And of course nothing is better than spending time there with my family. Although we had record breaking heat 113 degrees! Whew I thought I would melt and I'm sure I ate about 10 frozen lemonades. But it was still super fun. Watching the grandkids and kids have a great time just being together and running from ride to ride. For me personally it was about getting to talk with each one and catch up on their lives.  Here are a few shots I took of the family while we were busy playing hard. 

My oldest son Matt loves Jack from Nightmare before Christmas so of course I needed a photo with the skeletons.
Kyle was a great fun to have along he's always such a great help!

Brenna is getting so big she kept telling me "I can do it myself Grandma!" and she was right she could.

Mara was my special buddy, she went on most of the rides with me. She is truly a sweetheart!

This is Shaya, I couldn't get her to pose so I had to take her picture on the go, which is pretty much always with her since she never stopped moving!

Tessa is such a cutie with a personality to match. She is great fun to be with.
Madison loved getting to know her cousins and fell in love with Tessa. She wanted to go on every single ride there was, no matter how scary it was!  She was only disapointed when she was too short to ride!
It was a great opportunity to catch up on family snap shots, if I just could get them to all smile together?
We all got in the action even Duane and I, and of course our oldest joker, Matt.
Tara and Dan were also having a great time.

Sitting Kyle, Madison, Brenna, Mara, and standing Tessa. They were all (except Kyle) wearing jeans skirts and carrying purses that I made for them. I did all their hair in side ponytails so they were look alikes -they looked so cute!

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