Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer Reunion at Disneyland

I am not so great at posting on this blog except when I've been with family for a get together. This summer my entire family met at disneyland for a family vacation. Although is was hot and hectic we had a great time. Here we have from left to right -Rachel (Matt's wife) Duane, Tara holding Anna, Madison in front of Tara, Tara's husband Dan, Tessa in front of Dan, Matt holding Shaya, Brenna under Matt's arm, Kyle, Kevin, Mara in front of Kevin, Anjuli and me.
The kids had such a great time and there was no doubt that the Disney characters were 
some of their favorites. Mara and Maddie pose with Mickey. 

Five of my six grandaughters with Mulan - Mara, Maddie Brenna Tessa, and Shaya. 

 The little girls loved "Tink"  Posing - Brenna, Tink, Maddie, Shaya.
Trading pins was a "big deal" the object being to get the most unique and greatest variety. 
Tessa shows off a few of her favorite pins. Awesome!

Mara shows off her pin band to Maddie and endoctrinates her on how to get in the 
action for the first time with a new "pin band".

It's fun to be with Anjuli who we don't see as often as we would like. 
Here she poses with Tara for a fun "sisters" pic.

Our sweet little Anna (Tara's baby) was pretty blase about most of Disneyland
she played alot with Grandma and Papa while her Mom and Dad hit the rides with Madison.

Our second day at the park Tara "fake dyed" the girls hair in pink streaks. They
loved it and thought it was all great fun. Here are my "punk" grandaughters.

My faves were the world of color... 

 The cars ride....

and snapping photos of the grandkids when they didn't know...

Above 1. Anna just takes it all in, 2. Maddie stops for a quiet drink, and 
3. Brenna chills at the water pad to beat the heat.
We loved our week together and were sad wave goodbye to one another. The colors and sounds of Disneyland are always bright and cheerful we hated to see it come to and end.