Friday, June 5, 2015

    So it's been an incredibly long time since I posted on this blog. Too much to do and too little time! But I promised myself that I would at least post next years (2016) calendar pages as I finished them. For those of you who might be interested - I create 12 scrapbook pages each year trying to capture memories of each family member. These pages are re-produced during the Christmas holidays with my daughters and daughter-in-law. So there are a few restrictions - the pages must be able to be re-produced in 30 minutes or less!! We only have about 6 hours to get it all done. Obviously I precut all the main pieces for them. It's so much fun! We laugh and talk and of course make more great memories. The dads and grandpa take all the kids out bowling or sledding then out for lunch. It's a tradition that we've been doing for ten or more years. By posting these early my girls get a sample of the colors and start thinking about what pictures they want to use.
    So here goes...The page above is of my youngest grand- daughter, whose favorite thing in the whole world is swinging at the park. I used Felicity Jane's "What I'm Doing Now" kit - which had the perfect combination of bright spring colors. This will be the March calendar page. I loved the wonderful gold glitter "happy" and cute black star sequins. This page is super simple and very fast.

    The second page finished is for the month of June. A picture of my oldest daughter and her husband on their 10th anniversary cruise. I've used Felicity Jane's (I'm a subscriber)"You and Me" kit. The colors were so perfect for this photo. I haven't journaled on this page yet so technically it's not quite done. Oh well... again this is another fast page - easy peasy to put together but not at all boring (I do the machine stitching for the girls).  I loved that large chevron arrow (a cut out) and the cute globe in the upper left hand corner (it's a stamp.) This page should actually take them less than 30 minutes to put together. Although this was a love themed kit I found it very easy to adapt for a beach photo. Stay tuned for more installments coming soon.
PS - Sorry for the bad photos I was shooting with my IPhone in a dark room!