Sunday, October 18, 2009

Herbs and Spices

I cannot really remember when I started growing my own herbs, but for many years now I have grown as many culinary herbs as possible as well as a few aromatics. I really enjoy working among them in the summer, and like even more the fresh taste and texture in home cooking. Last year I finally broke down and ordered matching bottles and designed my own lable, my husband thinks I'm way over the top, but even he admits they look great and taste even better. The process is for the most part fairly easy and only the small herbs like thyme are "thyme consuming" (hee hee). I often share them with family when I have a bumper crop like this years. My mother got me interested in them originally and I've now read 10-15 books about herbs, the preserving and drying of them.

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  1. I use mine all the time and love them! Your the best.