Monday, October 19, 2009

My Hero

Did you ever know someone that you really admired and wanted to be like? For many years, for me, that has been my father. His birthday was this weekend, he turned 95. Quite a landmark I think, although he say's he's pushing for 100, and I hope he makes it!
 Born in 1914, he has seen the face of America change for good and evil. I once asked him what the most amazing thing he had seen was, his answer really surprised me. I thought he would say man walking on the moon or the invention of the computer etc. To my surprise he answered, "The washing machine." Why?  Well he remembers his grandmother making her own lye soap, carrying the wash to the outside wash area, where they had a large copper wash tub and wash board. A fire would be made to heat the water, and then the hand scrubbing began, each piece washed and scrubbed individually. Then more water was heated for rinsing or sometimes cold water would be used. Afterwards the clothes had to be wrung by hand and hung to dry. It would take an entire day, sometimes two, to finish the process that todays takes about 2-3 hours with almost no labor involved. I decided he was right, it was a pretty amazing invention. I took this picture of him on the morning of his birthday. I think he doesn't look his age, perhaps a result of a life spent in honest labor and hard work. He just quit driving about 6 months ago and still writes letters and takes short walks daily. Dad I love you, and thank you for the great inspiration you'll always been to me. You'll always be my hero.

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