Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wisconsin Adventure

Guess where we went on vacation this year? Green Bay and Lambeau stadium, where I took a picture of Duane with a cheese head (soooo corny, but I couldn't talk him out of it.) Yes the great state of Wisconsin, where we went to visit with our daughter Anjuli and her husband Chris. They live in the lower south east corner of the state in a lovely little city
called Lake Geneva. Wisconsin was as beautiful as our daughter Anjuli promised us it would be. The city and the lake-front properties were classic and very picturesque. We went to celebrate Anjuli's 28th birthday with her. She and Chris live and work in the area, and are very much in love with the small community they live in. Thier apartment is on a hill overlooking the city and is close enough to walk to work each day, and I can see why she doesn't mind walking.

We had a great time visiting with them and really fell in love with Wisconsin ourselves. The state was as beautiful and diverse as the photos show. Although the weather was mixed, some good - some bad, we still enjoyed every moment of it. Lake Geneva is a gorgeous little city with very few permenant year round residents, about 7500, but tons of summer residents. Many summer homes surround the lake, not just cabins but beautiful homes, cottages, and mansions. We toured the lake on a small ship and in the process got a full history lesson from the ship captain. Later we traveled to central Wisconsin to see apple farms, cheese factories, and some truly amazing scenery. We had a great time and will look forward to visiting again!

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