Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas 2009

There is nothing better than spending the holidays with your family. I had three of my four children and all of my grandchildren here for the holidays and we had a terrific time. We missed Anjuli and Chris in Wisconsin and were very glad we got to visit with them this fall.

During the holidays we built snowmen, went sledding, bowling, played games, ate tons of good food and celebrated Christmas Eve with a live nativity. It was completely wonderful! Here are a few pics of the festivities. The five girls are a\my grand-daughters Mara 8,  Tessa almost 6,  Madison almost 4,  Brenna just turned three, and the single photo is Shaya, 8 months. The cute young man is Kyle, 10 years. He is my mini-Matt. Here is the snowman that they built, great abs and a really cool bum!

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